about us

A Brief Story About The Company

Musafiddin Kamali and Nadia Najib started Rich Brain as a partnership business in December 2012 under the name Rizky Padu Enterprise. In 2018, as our business expanded, we changed our name to Rich Brain PLT and turned into a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). And as Rich Brain (M) Sdn Bhd, we successfully upgraded our business in 2021 to a Private Limited Company.

We offer consultancy services relating to Malaysia Company Incorporation and Company secretarial services. In addition, we provide accounting, taxation, business outsourcing and related compliance services. Our office is located at Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

Rich Brain is one of the suitable names of the company because it is related with the nature of the business that provides a good professional service to the client.

For more details, ‘Rich’ bring a good meaning towards the company which is we are providing a quality service in terms of the accounting, IT and Human Resources for the client. We are prosperous with an effective and efficiency and of course wealth with a knowledge in our expertise. Other than that, ‘Brain’ are the symbols of professional, knowledge and idea.

The combination of the two words which is ‘Rich Brainwill bring a good meaning for our company and of course tally with our operation, services, idea and knowledge.